Hey! I really really need your guys’ help with creating a mini zine book in response to Hannah Snowdon’s ‘the key’ book. She created a wonderful little book with her friend Anastasia to help spread love, and positivity amongst us. Well why should we let it stop at that? Please help me out and go submit your ‘key’, your mantra to ourkeyzine.tumblr.com and let Hannah see your motto too. I’m going to make a book out of all of them and send it to Hannah and I need you!! Let’s keep spreading the word and make everyone including Hannah extremely happy. Thank you guys I love you x

Anonymous asked : Let's name the relationship of Hannah and Oli; Holi !

Haha okay let’s do this! I’m a maaaaajor Holi fan :D

Anonymous asked : Hi you're blog is honestly so amazing and you are so lucky to have met oli Sykes!!! What was he like?!?!

Hellooo (: aww thank you so so much, you’re too kind. I know I am!! He was honestly one of the loveliest guys I’ve ever met, just really really friendly and down to earth. He kinda seemed a little shy as well! I didn’t expect him to be really. Have a great day x

Anonymous asked : Why r u so beautiful

Aww how sweet are you?! I’m actually not at all though (: thank you so much, you guys are the best xx

Anonymous asked : Hi

Hiyaaa (: x

Anonymous asked : Oli sykes I am wearing your shirt right now

Okayyy I’m not oli lol. Sorryyy x

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Hey and welcome to the Oli Sykes GIF blog. Feel free to request GIFs and ask any questions (: I only follow back if you have a Bring Me The Horizon blog or Oliver Sykes blog, etc. If you do have a BMTH blog, I will happily follow back and promote, just leave a message (: Enjoy! X

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