Anonymous asked : Let's name the relationship of Hannah and Oli; Holi !

Haha okay let’s do this! I’m a maaaaajor Holi fan :D

Anonymous asked : Hi you're blog is honestly so amazing and you are so lucky to have met oli Sykes!!! What was he like?!?!

Hellooo (: aww thank you so so much, you’re too kind. I know I am!! He was honestly one of the loveliest guys I’ve ever met, just really really friendly and down to earth. He kinda seemed a little shy as well! I didn’t expect him to be really. Have a great day x

Anonymous asked : Why r u so beautiful

Aww how sweet are you?! I’m actually not at all though (: thank you so much, you guys are the best xx

Anonymous asked : Hi

Hiyaaa (: x

Anonymous asked : Oli sykes I am wearing your shirt right now

Okayyy I’m not oli lol. Sorryyy x

Anonymous asked : Okay so basically all I listen to is BMTH, and some of the people at my at school think I'm weird for it (because I'm African American) and I really don't know how to deal with it :( why is it such a problem that I listen to metal and I happen to be black???

Well, first of all, they’re the ones that have a problem because there’s no reason what so ever that race, gender, age or anything should even come into what music people listen to. Listen to whatever you want and be proud of it (: realise that people sometimes can’t accept what’s different (a lot of the time because they’re scared) and that’s their issue! It may be hard but continue what you do and show you’re not bothered. It works trust me :) they’ll soon forget about it. Have a great day and sorry for the slow reply :) xx

Anonymous asked : can you please please please please pleeeeeeeeease for god's sake pleeease post the link of the video from this gif: ht tp:// 25 .me dia. tum blr. com/ tumblr_ m5z3j5Zsb01r4q7i9o1_400. gif ???? it's one of your gifs and I reeeeeally need to know...

Calm down maaan, you will give yourself a heart attack!! :P haha of course I can! It’s from the making of ‘visions’. The link to it is (:

Anonymous asked : Hi, I just wanted to say that I really like your Tumblr c: I love Oli too, so, I guess we have something in common! I'm glad for you that you met Oli, and I wish I could be that lucky, but I live in Brazil and you know, bands never come here... :c Well, whatever. Bye :3

Hi (: aw thank you so much :D you have very good taste then ;) aw thank you lovely I’m glad I met him too. Oh nooo, you will get to see them though I’m sure. Okay well it was nice chatting to you! Next time don’t be on anon silly (: I like speaking to you guys, don’t be shy (: have a good day xx

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